Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Altered Advent Calendar - C

C is for ...

C is for Carnaby !!

Since September 2011 Altered Eras can be found in Things British, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London.

Things British was created to support and promote a community – a thriving network of designer makers
from all corners of Britain.
From ceramics to furniture, jewellery to glass, metalwork to textiles - designer makers played a massive role
 in the social, cultural and artistic history of Britain.

C is for Crown

British Crown Locket

C is for Crackers !!

Thanks to for this step-by-step cracker tutorial

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

An Altered Advent Calendar - B is for ...

B is for ...
Bronte !!

As you probably know I am slightly obsessed by the Bronte sisters !!
Well, actually more the works of Emily Bronte but 
as a member of the Bronte Society I love all things related to them.

I try to visit Haworth at least once a year & if possible attend some of the events the society arranges.

The Bronte Parsonage

Of course this obsession spills over into my shop where I have a number of Bronte related pieces but I wont choose those as my second 'B' so what else is B for?

B is for Bee

I love bees !! They are invaluable in the environment & there are problems at the moment with bee numbers so we must do all we can provide areas & gardens that are good for these wonderful creatures 
& attract them to feed & pollinate both flowers & crops.

Antique Silver Bee Necklace

And lastly - because its not all about me - a DIY project, recipe or gift

B is for Banana Daiquiri

Just because it’s December doesn’t mean that only eggnog is on the cocktail menu. 
Bananas have that tropical flair but are available all year.
This simple banana daiquiri is’t thick or overly sweet — 
a common problem with many blended drinks. 
Instead it’s light and refreshing. Oh, and it doesn’t skimp on the booze either.
So let’s forget about the rain and celebrate with a tropical December!
2 oz white rum
juice of half a lime
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup crushed ice
Half a fresh banana
Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth (probably about 30 seconds). 
Strain into chilled cocktail glasses. This recipe serves one, so increase accordingly to serve more.

An 'Altered' Advent Calendar !

I wanted to try to do an advent calendar of sorts for my blog & facebook page but it appears I am 3 days too late !!

So to catch up I will post 1 & 2 today, 3 & 4 tomorrow then 5 & 6 on Thurs (6th) & we will be all caught up !!

So the theme is the A-Z of Altered Eras !!

********** 1st December = A **********

Well 'A' has to be for Altered Eras !! 

Altered Eras was born on Etsy as a sister shop to my previous incarnation where I sold online but mostly at events & fairs.

But I never REALLY felt I was making things I liked, things I would buy or that were 'me' 
& so my focus changed & Altered Eras was born !!

So maybe 'A' could be for 'about' too & where better to read about it all than here - 
- My Etsy 'About' page !

A could also be for Acorn

The acorn, or oak nut, is the nut of the oaks and their close relatives .

The Norse legend that Thor sheltered from a thunderstorm under an oak tree has led to the belief 
that having an acorn on a windowsill will prevent a house from being struck by lightning.

The acorn is a symbol of strength and power. In the fall, these tiny yet hardy little nuggets 
drop from the oak trees to land on the ground. 

Most will be eaten by passing wildlife, but a few will survive to form a new tree in the spring. 

Because the acorn only appears on a fully mature oak, it is often considered 
a symbol of the patience needed to attain goals over long periods of time. 
It represents perseverance and hard work.

swarovski pearl acorn earrings

And lastly - because its not all about me - a DIY project, recipe or gift

A is for 
Apple (Dried) & Orange Slice Ornaments

Easy peasy as (apple ) pie (sorry) !!

Simply dry the fruit slices then glue together with dried berries, greenery or cinnamon sticks (etc) & attach twine or ribbon ...

Then hang on the tree or as an extra special addition to your wrapping.

They will smell wonderful too :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Giveaway winner selected & contacted !

Have contacted the winner via facebook message & e-mail they have 1 week to respond or I will select another winner.
The winner was selected by allocating each blog comment with a number & I used a random number generator to select a number between 1 & 137 (the number of qualifying entries)

When the winner has responded I will announce who won :)

Thanks so much to all that entered & keep following my facebook, twitter or blog for more giveaways & specials .

As a little consolation prize to all that entered my giveaway but didnt win - please enter BLOGLOVE12 at my Etsy checkout for 12% OFF.

 Please note this will expire at midnight on Wednesday 21st GMT -
Warmest wishes & many thanks, Paula

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Classic Book Necklace Giveaway !

Win a Classic Book Necklace of your own.

Choose from Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice & Dracula.

************ NOW CLOSED *************

What do I win?

Featuring an originally designed pendant (by Altered Eras) manufactured in cream coloured acrylic to represent a vintage book.

On 1 'page' is the iconic quote from whichever is your choice of novel and the other shows the relevant title of the book & author.

These are printed using quality methods directly onto the acrylic meaning they won't peel or scratch off; giving you an incredibly hard wearing, unique necklace. The pendant measures approx 35mm x 22 mm. 

I have surely attached an antique bronze plated bail & it hangs on a bronze plated etched cable chain of 17 inches. I have included an extender & little bronze key charm at the end to complete. It fastens with a bronze plated lobster clasp which allows the necklace to be clasped along the chain to be shortened if necessary.

So pretty with a touch of steampunk drama! A truly unique piece that any fan of The Classics would be  proud to wear ...This original design is under the ownership of Altered Eras & has UDR with Intellectual Property Office. 

How can I enter ?

Anyone can enter - I will send internationally to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

TO ENTER ( mandatory) :

Number1 - Browse my Etsy Shop and tell me what your favourite item is and why. Please post this here along with your choice of pendant (above) should you win.


Number2 - Like my Facebook page - (If you already 'like' my page, just let me know so it still counts as an entry!)

Number3 - Share my Giveaway on Facebook.

Number4 - Follow me on Twitter. (Again, entry still counts if you're already following me!) - @AlteredEras

Number5 - Tweet about my Giveaway.

Number6 - Opt-in to my email newsletters where there will be discount codes for my online shops, giveaway notifications, new product launches and more! (Just follow this link - )

There will only be one randomly picked winner for the necklace prize & it will be picked using a random number generator (each entry will be issued with a number).  

Each thing you do is equivalent to one entry, so there is a maximum of 6 entries! If you do all 6, please leave 6 separate blog comments to indicate each one!

The Giveaway ends on Wednesday 14th November at 8PM GMT.

**************** NOW CLOSED ******************

I will be contacting the winner over he next few days (before sunday) so please check those inboxes !!

Winner will be randomly picked (using a random number generator hence the need for separate comment for each entry ) and announced by Sunday 18th, and will have one week to respond to my initial email so please ensure that there is a way for me to contact you by - Facebook, Email, Twitter etc... Good Luck!

If I need a necklace now or I dont win - can I buy one?

Absolutely, yes !! 

Just visit my Etsy shop & the literary lovelies section to see all the literary styled  items I make.

NB - Altered Eras reserves the right to extend the expiration date of the giveaway.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

London Calling - my new video

Just a quick post with my new video - London Calling. It shows some of my latest British & London themed pieces including my new Vintage London collection based on vintage London street signs.

Hope you enjoy it - warmest wishes, Paula .

Friday, 7 October 2011

New Venture - THINGS BRITISH - Exciting New Shop in London...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Altered Eras can now be found in a London shop - Things British, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street.

  Here is a slideshow of a selection of the wonderful designer makers that can be found there...

THINGS BRITISH was created to support and promote a community – a thriving network of designer makers from all corners of Britain. From ceramics to furniture, jewellery to glass, metalwork to textiles - designer makers played a massive role in the social, cultural and artistic history of Britain. For centuries Britain was a nation of makers and society was built around such skills. In these modern times, however, life is very different indeed.
"Few people today can say that they possess the skills required to make even a basic necessity in life, let alone any niceties."
Practical making skills that formed the basic fabric of our society are disappearing and have all but been replaced by mass production and a society where a "disposable" attitude had become almost standard. It is only in recent times that people have started to think seriously about reviving and preserving these skills - before they are lost forever.
"Out of a population of more than 60 million people, less than 0.01% professionally practice making skills today."

Designer makers are a part of our culture and society that need to be recognised and celebrated. Making skills have started to grow and bloom over the last few years. THINGS BRITISH aims to help support, nurture and preserve British crafting skills and jobs and to celebrate our ever-evolving British cultural society.
THINGS BRITISH is an innovative, contemporary new business designed from the start to help and support British designer makers by providing a much needed network of retail shops and support. THINGS BRITISH is more than a shop - it’s a gallery, a museum and a fun place to socialise and learn about British craft.
THINGS BRITISH aims to become the largest retail brand destination for things handcrafted, unique and special, backed by an appreciation from the public that eagerly wants to support and buy British. 
         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I think you will agree that this is an exciting new venture that shouldn't be missed!
Want to see more? find more pictures here - 
Things British - Products In Store
Or want to apply to join? More info here - 
Things British - Info for Designer Makers
Check here for more updates coming soon!
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *