Friday, 7 October 2011

New Venture - THINGS BRITISH - Exciting New Shop in London...

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Altered Eras can now be found in a London shop - Things British, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street.

  Here is a slideshow of a selection of the wonderful designer makers that can be found there...

THINGS BRITISH was created to support and promote a community – a thriving network of designer makers from all corners of Britain. From ceramics to furniture, jewellery to glass, metalwork to textiles - designer makers played a massive role in the social, cultural and artistic history of Britain. For centuries Britain was a nation of makers and society was built around such skills. In these modern times, however, life is very different indeed.
"Few people today can say that they possess the skills required to make even a basic necessity in life, let alone any niceties."
Practical making skills that formed the basic fabric of our society are disappearing and have all but been replaced by mass production and a society where a "disposable" attitude had become almost standard. It is only in recent times that people have started to think seriously about reviving and preserving these skills - before they are lost forever.
"Out of a population of more than 60 million people, less than 0.01% professionally practice making skills today."

Designer makers are a part of our culture and society that need to be recognised and celebrated. Making skills have started to grow and bloom over the last few years. THINGS BRITISH aims to help support, nurture and preserve British crafting skills and jobs and to celebrate our ever-evolving British cultural society.
THINGS BRITISH is an innovative, contemporary new business designed from the start to help and support British designer makers by providing a much needed network of retail shops and support. THINGS BRITISH is more than a shop - it’s a gallery, a museum and a fun place to socialise and learn about British craft.
THINGS BRITISH aims to become the largest retail brand destination for things handcrafted, unique and special, backed by an appreciation from the public that eagerly wants to support and buy British. 
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I think you will agree that this is an exciting new venture that shouldn't be missed!
Want to see more? find more pictures here - 
Things British - Products In Store
Or want to apply to join? More info here - 
Things British - Info for Designer Makers
Check here for more updates coming soon!
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Shalotte said...

Oooh I see our shelf and my owls in the window. Thanks Paula

Laura Lee Designs said...

Gobsmackingly Awesome! (Oh I feel like my 11 year old) Totally love it. sadly it missed me :0( I am there now though! Yay!

Altered Eras said...

No worries Naomi & Laura - we will get you in the next one - promise xx

Anonymous said...

Haha you look nice on my blog!

Altered Eras said...

lol Clara - couldnt resist!!