Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Well, this is my first blog & I'm not sure where to begin...

I have just started a new sister company - Altered Eras - to my main business - Heavenly Handmade - primarily because I wanted to keep the two things separate.
I design & manufacture handcrafted jewelry & am now concentrating on Steampunk & vintage - styled designs.
So far, I have made a number of Steampunk pieces & these are for sale on my Etsy store (another new venture), but there are many more to come & a few are halfway there ... :)
So far, with Heavenly Handmade, I have sold at local & craft fayres & on Ebay ( but I think I plan to sell my new creations mainly on Etsy. Will need to see how it goes... A local shop has approached me to sell a few pieces through them but I am conscious of costs - again will see how that goes...